Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sales Update & More Lessons Learned

I'm back to share more news. Three days since my free promo ended and here's what I've sold so far:

22 Units 
2 Star Review (GoodReads)

Not bad for three days, but it's a vast difference from the 20 units an hour I was seeing during the promo. Honestly, I'm happy to know that people are buying at all. (Thank you so much to all of those who saw enough in my story to buy it, and I hope it was worth your .99Cents)

The second installment PLEASE MASTER, MAY I CUM will be released shortly along with a new series EVERY OTHER WEEKEND I just finished last night. There's definitely power in numbers so I realize I have to write and release often in order to generate the revenue needed to open our cafe. (For those who haven't read my earlier blogs, I began this journey as a way to fulfill a dream my husband and I have had about opening a cafe here in Arizona)

As far as the 2 Star Review: The reader felt THE YEAR LEASE was too short and I would have to agree. Hopefully they'll enjoy the second installment.

Lesson's I've Learned:
  1. Have a promotion plan and stick to it.
  2. If you make changes after your copy editor has signed off, send it back for another review.
  3. Try not to obsessively check your KDP sales updates
  4. Answer all emails from readers (They take the time to contact you the least you could do is reply.)
  5. Sync Everything (Blogs, Twitter, Author Pages, Etc.)

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