Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 1 Stats and Lessons Learned

So as promised I will be giving you a real play by play of my publishing experience. THE YEAR LEASE has been available for free download for 24 hours and here's my the numbers so far:

360 Units Sold
1 Five Star Review

I'm totally new to this, so these might be crappy numbers, but they look amazing to me. As a writer my goal has always been to share my stories with others and I finally got up the courage to actually do it. I honestly would have been excited at 10 units, so this is huge for me. 

The lessons I take away from day are:

1. Formatting is super important
2. Never put caps in your document or title (It will be rejected)
3. Put some serious thought into your cover
4. Search the Internet for ideas
5. Reach out to other authors in the genre for advise

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