Monday, July 30, 2012

Coming Soon: Every Other Weekend #2

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your overwhelming feedback, reviews, and downloads of EVERY OTHER WEEKEND. I an elated to know that you all have found Quinn to be a funny, relatable, and sexy heroine.

I am happy to announce that the second installment to the story will be released shortly. And I can assure you that it will not disappoint.

The more I write about these characters, the more I find myself genuinely enjoying their story, which I know sounds a little weird coming from the author.

I've found in my experience as a writer that you follow the stories with the strongest pulse and you let them reveal themselves to you, rather than enforcing what you think the characters should do. That's why it's so rewarding when readers comment on the realness of my characters. In reality things aren't always so neatly wrapped up, people don't behave the way you think they should, and most importantly happy endings are never guaranteed.

That being said, I am on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what happens next for Quinn, and yes I do hope her mystery guy is everything she hopes for him to be.

So please check back next week for more info on the release date.



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